Mar 10, 2014


Snack time!

He had fallen asleep on our way to Costco and did not move from this position until we had to get him out to put items in the cart ;). 

His favorite place to watch Thomas.

Simeon's half birthday was on the day of the opening ceremony for the Olympics. So we celebrated both :).

Dakota went to an all day men's conference, so Simeon and I went on a date to Starbucks...he enjoyed his water from a straw!

He loves the way he looks in this hat ;)

Eating poprocks sent from Grandma Blaubach for Valentine's Day!

We got him some chocolates for VDay, and he was a little concerned that I asked him to put down his apple to eat the candy ;).

A lovely couple from our church let us use their condo in Door County one weekend! It was chilly out ;).

And I wonder where Simeon gets his facial expressions from ;)

Sisters :)

A fun pool!

Lydia hadn't had her coffee yet apparently ;)

Simeon loves playing with his friends Addie and Amelia! 
Especially when he gets pulled around on his truck :).

Watching Daddy

Aunt Lyd built a sweet snowman for us to enjoy.

Lina and Belle came over for a sleepover. Slick Simeon snuck his arm around the ladies while watching Mulan 2 ;).

He was pretty delighted to have them over. Apparently, I get a little old sometimes ;). 

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